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Joan Cartwright Song Book

Joan Cartwright Song Book
Print: $24.99; Download: $19.99
41 Songs and 10 lyrics by Jazz and Blues singer, composer, performer and author Joan Cartwright.

In Pursuit Of A Melody

In Pursuit Of A Melody
Hardcover: $59.99; Download: $30.00
The life and times of singer/songwriter Joan Cartwright in hardcover

So, You Want To Be A Singer?

So, You Want To Be A Singer?
Hardcover: $29.99; Download: $19.99
A manual for up-and coming Divas, musicians and composers on the how-tos of the music business and performance.


My goal is to teach and bring awareness about the lives, contributions and joy brought to the global society by musicians who have made a difference no matter what circumstances they had to overcome. - Diva JC

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Joan Cartwright defies LinkedIn classification restrictions. When you become acquainted with this passionate powerhouse, you quickly and clearly understand. Diva JC impacts multiple world cultures, transforming them with performances of her beloved jazz and writing the stories of the women who create its regal history. She has become a change agent, educating and entertaining us all with her "divatude" on the importance of remembering the roots of life, during the struggle to achieve the status, respect and dreams of our female ancestors. Joan is an inspiration, a role model, a brilliant educational visionary and a spicy addition to this journey called life. Thank you Joan for all you do to guide me in the search of my melody. -- Lydia Harris

Diva Joan Cartwright is a Sagittarian from New York City. She has a B.A. in Communications and Music from LaSalle University, in Philadelphia, and a Master’s in Communications from Florida Atlantic University. Joan studied piano, composition and theory with pianist Gerald Price, and harp with Caliope Proios. She also studied ballet and modern dance with Bernice Johnson and Lavern Porter, and African dance with Dinizulu. She's performed on television, radio and on stage at the Blue Note (NYC), The "A" Train and Erny’s (Delray Beach), O’Hara’s, Promenade and Riverwalk Sunday Jazz Brunch (Fort Lauderdale). She performed at Ellington's (Sanibel Island, FL) and JAZID (Miami Beach) in the U.S. She toured five continents and 15 countries including the U.S.A. , Brazil , Mexico , Ghana , Gambia , South Africa , eight European countries and in China and Japan (2006) with her swinging brand of jazz and blues.

She is a composer and author of nine books. Joan is the only woman in the world with a Jazz and Blues song book, the JOAN CARTWRIGHT SONG BOOK. Her first book, IN PURSUIT OF A MELODY contains 350 photographs, 35 poems, 40 songs and lyrics to standard songs: "A Night in Tunisia " by Dizzy Gillespie, "Blue Bossa" by Kenny Dorham, "Tune Up" by Miles Davis and "Bessie's Blues" by John Coltrane. This book also contains two lectures that she's given to thousands of children, college students and adults in the United States , Switzerland , Sicily , China and Japan : WOMEN IN JAZZ and SO, YOU WANT TO BE A SINGER? Her workshops are dynamic and educational, highlighting the pitfalls and benefits of the music business. She contends that, "Knowing music theory is a step in the right direction for any singer who truly wants to excel in the world of music!"

Diva JC names any ensemble of musicians she works with "Jazz Hotline" because the music swings and it's always HOT! Her most famous Blues are "I Don’t Want Nobody's Husband", "OH, Baby!"  and "Treat Me Right And You Don't Have To Marry Me".

Joan is the founder of WOMEN IN JAZZ SOUTH FLORIDA, INC., a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes Women in Jazz, locally, nationally and globally, through contacts, articles, interviews, newsletters, events, courses, clinics, workshops, lectures, research, history, archives, websites, film, audio and video recording, concerts, performances and recognition.

She is the recipient of a $15,000+ in SEAS Grant (1999) for her presentation of WOMEN IN JAZZ at elementary schools in Broward County, Florida, to  thousands of children and college students. Her research paper, The Sign of The Blues, was published in the 1993 IAJE Research Papers Journal. She lived in ATLANTA for 3 years, where she completed her book, and now lives in FORT LAUDERDALE. She is the founder and executive director of WOMEN IN JAZZ SOUTH FLORIDA, INC. and she offers lectures around the country and the world on:

  1. Women in Jazz

  2. Jazzmen

  3. The Sign of The Blues

  4. Jazz: The Unmasked Rhetoric

  5. The Cultural Politics of Commercial Jazz

  6. The Business of Music: So, You Want To Be A Singer?

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