Kola Boof

Iím an American citizen. Not too many people can boast that they are the daughter of the land of the blue blacks (Sudan), the daughter of the River of Blood (the Nile), and the daughter of the mightiest nation on earth, America--and yet still--both! my countries (America and Sudan) are mainly infamous for their institutions of slavery, and moreover, it was slavery in modern day Sudan that caused me to come to the United States and be adopted and raised by the strangest Africans Iíve ever met - "the Black Americans". So you see, Diary Of A Lost Girl is a very interesting book. VIDEO


4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The Schomburg Center
The Langston Hughes Auditorium
515 Malcolm X Boulevard

New York, NY 10037


Sudanese-born American novelist and poet Kola Boof will entertain and read from her books including "Flesh and the Devil" and "Diary of a Lost Girl".

A question and answer period and reception with book signing will follow. To learn about the life and work of Kola Boof -

 I wrote an article today in the "Daily Voice" about my dealings with Winnie Mandela and Danny Glover. It's quite powerful.

A month ago, I became National Chairwoman of Sudan's SSPP (an organization of the South Sudanese government.. LINK to article

I feel passionate about this work and want to spread the word among my friends.

Kola Boof



My Dear Joan,

Thanks for your enthusiastic support of my message and my work. You and I will have to chat by phone soon. I know that you would be blown away if you actually read my books--this is where I get the most profound and emotional responses from black women.  I highly recommend that you take the time one day and read "Flesh and the Devil" or "Diary of a Lost Girl".

I also thank you so much for creating the page. What an honor. Thank you.

There is an interview that Syracuse Adams did with me that I believe you will really find interesting--"The Dirty Truth About Kola Boof"--


I am so, so busy, but I definitely plan to speak to you in the future by phone, sister.

tima usrah
(through fire comes the family)

Omian I AM  wrote:

Yes and I agree strongly and in a community forum or something of that sort and of course in books.

Also do you still do voice coaching for people? There is someone that asked me this morning and I told them I would check.



Your response to Kola Boof's video speaks to a present need.

Many times it is our own actions that bring disrespect our way.

If this is true, then, we need to step it up a notch and refuse to be treated like black men, children and white women and men want to treat us. This is crucial and needs to be put on the front burner of what black women are talking about, now, today!


Omian I AM  wrote:

Thank you and she is so true and on target

I know I too have more to say on that regarding our disrespect we receive from "our" black men.


Watch the video. This sister is off the chain!

She was Obama Ben Laden's girlfriend

She says the black man's disrespect for the black woman is what keeps the whole race down. She is profound.