Volume II, Issue 3

Art by CherylAgain, it's mellow Autumn
Red and yellow Autumn
Time to put our summer things away.
Soon it will be winter
In the cold we'll shiver
You and I can cuddle up at the end of each day

Firelight to keep us warm
When the cold winds blow
You can hold me in your arms
It will be so nice and mellow

The beauty of this Autumn
Brown and orange Autumn
Makes my heart go dancing
Like the lovely Autumn leaves.
2001Joan Cartwright
Artwork by Cheryl

Life is a Book
by Mark Tosoni

Chapter 1: You're on the other side in the company of some of the greatest souls who have ever lived. You begin to make plans to travel to the great "soul development school" - Planet Earth. Your intentions are set; you've got a theme and a plan. Next, you choose your parents; the two people who will most likely help you accomplish your plan, and you're off!
Chapter 2: You're born. Wow, would you look at this place! At first you resist. It's heavy down here; it feels strange. But in time, you begin to adjust. Now in your purest form, you begin to take it all in. All your wonder, all your brilliance; you observe and begin to learn.
Chapter 3: A few earth years later, your personality is forming; you're learning to communicate in this body. You're beginning to be "socialized," learning the way things are done here. Amnesia is beginning to take place. You will soon forget who you really are.
Chapter 4: A few years have passed; you're seven now. The foundation is poured; your personality is developed. Fear has been introduced and class has begun. For the most part, you are unaware of it all; although there are still inclinations of who you really are, why you've come and what you're here to do.
Chapter 5: You're twenty now. You have experienced many hardships, or "difficult courses." You're unaware consciously of the purpose behind all this. Something deep down gives you a feeling that you're here to do something, but it's foggy. You're fully engaged in "spiritual amnesia." What wonderful lessons; perfectly created, to the point that you don't even know you're in class.
Chapter 6: You're twenty-seven now. Wow, has life flown by. Something happens; you begin to search and contemplate. You wonder, "Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life? Why are the things I've been told not making sense to me?" It just doesn't sit right. Life seems hypocritical, just as it was meant to, in order to get you to further contemplate. You're looking for "truth," your truth, only you're looking outside of yourself. But you will not find it there because it's on the inside. Wake up, you'll see!
Chapter 7: Twenty years have passed, you're now forty-seven. You're finally awake. Experience and observation have served you well. You're seeking balance, purpose and meaning from life. You're aware that you're in class, although class is far from over. Your perspective is radically different than it once was. You become aware that you are the writer and you have been all along. You wonder, "Why would I have written all that hardship into my book?" It begins to become clear to you. That was the illusion; it was all about growth. You catch your second wind now. As you're contemplating what you want the rest of the book to include, one thing's for sure; you are the author of this incredible book. So I ask you, "How would you like it to read?" - MT 2001

Mark Tosoni is a business owner, speaker, trainer and writer who believes that life and business should be conducted with Universal Principles in mind. Mark is "The People's Coach." Allow him to help change your life.  (407) 296-6565  *

Reprinted with permission
Andrew Moss is the author of the book "From Illusion To Reality - Book 1 - A Simple Guide For Improving Your Life" which will be released in September 2001. The book will not be sold in bookstores, only online and through an 800 #.

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True Devotion
A true philosopher cannot think of anything but the Truth.

By Joan Cartwright

Each day, a devotee of Sai Baba, the Indian Avatar sends me a  message. Today, September 3, the message gave me the title of this essay, TRUE DEVOTION.

As I contemplate the implications of being devoted, my mind encompasses memories of having been a mother, single and entrepreneurial. I am grateful to be able to say that my life experience as a Mom, grandmom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and associate has brought me to the conclusion that devotion, taken seriously, can lead to even more wondrous experiences!

I AM devoted to ascending into my God/Goddess/All That Is Self at every moment of all the days of my life. Truly, this is a healthy endeavor because knowing myself requires being non-judgmental of others, which presents obstacles, but only for a moment, if the Light of Love is shining in my heart. I AM more able to understand the activity of others when I concentrate on living my life for the sole purpose of discovering and communing with my Higher Self. I am able to understand that All of us are on a quest toward our Higher Selves. The Truth is We are All One moving toward our Divine Self.

Our Divine Will is to create two things -- fun and success, according to Lazaris Interviews Book II. Like Mark Tosoni says we're here to attend "soul development school". So, the first thing we must do is LEARN to have fun and be successful at little things, then, at bigger things. Our life is filled with the activity of DEFINITION, defining what fun and success are for us. Understanding the importance of being responsible enough to BALANCE what is fun for you is the next step so that under- or  overindulgence don't come into play. Finally, knowing that you DESERVE to have fun and success is the seal on the deal. To do this often involves retracing your life back to how your parents, siblings, teachers and schoolmates made you feel about believing that you deserve all the best life has to offer. If they taught you that you don't deserve the best, unteach yourself now! Unteach yourself hate, anger, resentment, guilt and negative ego. Learn to define what is fun for you, balance fun and success and recognize that you deserve ALL THE BEST!

C hange your scorn to compassion and see a remarkable alteration in your relationships!

Have fun with Joan Abroad!

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